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Dog Daycare

Daycare takes place in the home, and includes two to three walks unless otherwise stated. All dogs are welcome to bring a packed lunch and/or dinner.

Full Day

Any period over 4hrs and up to 10hrs (This can be extended via prior arrangement)

One dog .......... £25.00

Two dogs .......... £40.00

Half Day

Any period up to 4hrs within regular daycare hours. Includes one walk.

One dog .......... £15.00

Two dogs ......... £25.00

Dog Boarding

Boarding takes place in the home, and includes two to three walks per day. Your dog is welcome to treat our home as his/her own and will be loved as a member of our own family.

One dog ..... £30.00 per 24hrs

Two dogs ..... £45.00 per 24hrs

Dog Walking

Your dog is collected from your home, and taken for a walk for you. We time the walk from when we reach our destination, not from the time we collect your dog. We return your dog to you after the walk. Solo walks and walks under 45mins are currently not available. 

45min to 60min Walk

One dog .......... £14.00

Two dogs .......... £24.50

75min to 90min Walk

One dog .......... £20.50

Two dogs .......... £33.00

Pet Visits

If you need to be out longer than usual, we can ensure your pets are fed, watered, toileted, played with, and happy. Regardless of the fact that your pet is not staying with us, we still love them as you do!

Per 30min

£17.00 (regardless of number of pets)

Late Payments and ​Cancellation Fees (for above services)

Please be advised that late payment and cancellation fees apply on ALL bookings, unless we are given a minimum of TWO WEEKS' notice. All payments should be cleared on or before the day of the booking. Three consecutive late payments and/or cancellations may result in future bookings being refused, due to long waiting lists. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Cancellation fees apply as follows:

24hrs notice or less .......... Full cost of the cancelled service

2 weeks' notice or less (boarding dogs) .......... 50% of the cancelled service

Dog Grooming

Fees depend upon the size, temperament and behaviour of your dog, the type and condition of the coat, and the type of groom required, ie. pet trim, breed standard. The following prices are guidelines only.

Full Groom

Includes warm bath (two shampoos and conditioner), blow dry, brush, comb, clip/scissor/body styling, ears, eyes, and nails. Small (up to 10kg) .......... from £35.00

Medium (up to 25kg) .......... from £45.00

Large Dogs (up to 45kg) .......... from £50.00

Giant (over 45kg) .......... £60.00 for the first hour, plus £30/hr thereafter (to a maximum of 3hrs per dog, per booking)

Bath And Dry

Includes warm bath (two shampoos and conditioner), blow dry, brush, comb, ears and nails. Face/feathers/paw tidy can be added at an additonal cost of £5.00.

Short Coated Breeds

Toy .......... from £20.00

Small .......... from £25.00

Medium .......... from £30.00

Large .......... from £35.00

Long Coated Breeds

Toy .......... from £25.00

Small .......... from £30.00

Medium .......... from £35.00

Large .......... from £40.00

Nail Trim Only

All sizes, compliant dogs .......... £5.00

All sizes, nervous/aggressive dogs .......... £10.00 (this is due to the time taken to trim nails safely for both dog and groomer)


If your dog is matted, an immediate surcharge of between £10.00 and £20.00 will be added to the cost of the groom. We will NOT spend more than 10 minutes on dematting a single area as it is painful and stressful for your dog. If the matting cannot be removed in the initial 10 minutes, we will have no choice other than to shave your dog. If the matting is too close to the skin to safely shave (felted), we will refer you to your vet and you will still be charged the full cost of the groom. If you have any questions about the best way to brush your dog at home, please just ask and we will be happy to discuss and/or demonstrate our technique and tools. Humanity before vanity - always.

Cancellations, Late Arrivals, and No-Shows

Please be advised that we can only hold your appointment for 20mins. If you are more than 20mins late, we may not have time to groom your dog before the next client arrives, and you may still be charged a fee. If you know that you are likely to be late, please call us on 07826 708 904 as soon as possible, bearing in mind that we may need to reschedule.

Should you need to cancel your appointment, please let us know with at least 48hrs notice where possible, so that we can fill the appointment from our waiting list.

Repeat cancellations, late arrivals leading to rescheduled appointments, and no-shows will be charged at the following rates, and must be paid in full before making any further bookings:

1st incidence .......... no charge, life happens!

2nd incidence .......... 50% of the cost of the groom

3rd incidence .......... 75% of the cost of the groom

Any and all further incidences will be charged at 100% of the cost of the groom, and require a minimum 50% deposit to be paid upon booking for all future grooms.

Please send payment to:

Miss KA Barber

Acc no 29924454

Sort code 07-01-16