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Dog Daycare

Daycare takes place in the home, and includes two to three walks unless otherwise stated. All dogs are welcome to bring a packed lunch and/or dinner.

Full Day

Any period over 4hrs and up to 10hrs (This can be extended via prior arrangement)

One dog .......... £18.50

Two dogs .......... £30.00

Half Day

Any period up to 4hrs within regular daycare hours. Includes one walk.

One dog .......... £12.00

Two dogs ......... £17.00

Dog Boarding

Boarding takes place in the home, and includes two to three walks per day. Your dog is welcome to treat our home as his/her own and will be loved as a member of our own family.

One dog ..... £24.00 per 24hrs

Two dogs ..... £39.00 per 24hrs

Dog Walking

Your dog is collected from your home, and taken for a walk for you. We time the walk from when we reach our destination, not from the time we collect your dog. We return your dog to you after the walk.

30min Walk

One dog .......... £6.00

Two dogs .......... £10.00

45min Walk

One dog .......... £8.00

Two dogs .......... £13.00

60min Walk

One dog .......... £11.50

Two dogs .......... £20.00

Pet Visits

If you need to be out longer than usual, we can ensure your pets are fed, watered, toileted, played with, and happy. Regardless of the fact that your pet is not staying with us, we will still love them as you do!

Per 30min

One pet ........... £10.00

Two pets .......... £13.00

3 - 5 pets ........ £17.00

Auntie Kirsty's Woofentials Club

Does your dog prefer a particular brand of treats? Do they only like certain kinds of toys or do they kill squeakies on a regular basis? Do they have irregular seasons so you never know if you might need diapers at short notice? Did you forget to buy poo bags?

Join the Woofentials Club for just £3 per calendar month, and never worry about forgetting to bring your dog's essentials to daycare. Auntie Kirsty will ensure that your dog always has a supply of their "woofential" things close at paw, and you will never need to bring anything with you other than your dog* - that's got to make life easier!

If you'd like to opt in to the Woofentials Club, please text WOOFENTIALS CLUB and your preferred method of payment (paypal, bank transfer, or cash) eg. WOOFENTIALS CLUB PAYPAL to 07826708904.

To opt out at any time, text WOOFENTIALS CLUB STOP to 07826708904

*Dogs that require meals during their daycare hours will still need to bring their own packed lunch/dinner; however, joining the Woofentials Club will entitle you to bring a two week supply of food to be stored at Auntie Kirsty's, so you don't have to do a pack-up every day.

Please send payment to:

Miss KA Barber

Acc no 29924454

Sort code 07-01-16